About the Peer Support Program



Peer support increases how long mothers breastfeed and how satisfied they are with their breastfeeding experiences. Being in a community with other women who have a shared lived experience of breastfeeding and mothering increases confidence while providing for learning and practice in a safe and supportive environment.

Peer Support Groups

Within the Country Response Programs, we run peer support groups facilitated by trained professional with topics that are drawn from the needs of each group, ranging from reproductive health to infant feeding and family diet. 

Home Visiting Peer Counsellors

Home visits are an important part of the care that NPI provides to families. In Iraq, in addition to training community health workers and traditional midwives, our program is being developed to include the training of peer counsellors who will have the ability to facilitate peer support groups as well as home visits. Peer counsellors will not only extend the service that NPI can provide to the community, but will also benefit individually from the skills and knowledge they develop through their training.

Peer Support Mobile App

Breastfeeding challenges don’t only happen when our NPI volunteers are visiting - and babies can’t wait. That’s why the Peer Support Mobile App will include a live text/chat function for parents to contact a peer support volunteer, in their own language when they need accurate information or a sympathetic ear. In addition to allowing trained peer support volunteers around the world to provide practical and emotional support when it is needed, this program will also allow NPI to identify families in need of additional support from our team or referral to other services.


Funding for Peer Support Groups and Home Visiting Peer Counsellors is provided as part of each Response Program's funding. The NPI Mobile App is being partly funded through a partnership with Cambridge University.

Get involved

If you are a qualified lactation professional, midwife, allied health services provider, translator or extremely passionate about our services - please visit our Volunteer pages for more information about volunteering in-field. If you are a translator and interested in volunteering virtually as part of the Peer-to-Peer Virtual Support program, please email michelle@nurtureprojectinternational.org

You can help us financially support the program by making a donation or start a fundraising campaign.