A safe and supported motherhood is a human right. Nurture Project International works to create a world where this right is upheld in every crisis and emergency.


To provide technical lactation support, reproductive health care, and nutrition support to families on the front line at the time they need it.

To develop innovative, new technologies to provide access to technical lactation support to vulnerable families in transit and conflict situations.

To advocate change in the humanitarian field by informing policy from a global level to the field, through evidence based practices in lactation and women’s healthcare rights.

To facilitate access and to train health-care professionals to apply technical skills to the unique needs of vulnerable families in crisis situations



We are compelled by the needs of those who are made most vulnerable through no fault of their own.


We work in a culturally sensitive manner to bring food, supplies and comfort.


We carry out our work through a network of volunteers who work to ensure that their efforts are understood by all.


Collaboration is highly valued both internally and externally across all programs and services.