Our Team

The people behind Nurture Project International are some of the most passionate and caring men and women who are dedicated to achieving our vision. All of our team members are volunteer and we couldn't achieve the amazing work that we do without them. Do you want to volunteer with our virtual team? Visit our Volunteer In the Virtual Team page to see what positions we are available.



Founder & CEO: Brooke Bauer
Executive Assistant: Ratha Lehall

External Operations

Response Team
Director of Response: Camilla Reyes Pante
Technical Advisor (IYCF-E): Dima Ousta
Technical Advisor (Lactation): Hannah Edens

Greece Response Program
Regional Manager: Yolande Causebrook
Virtual Logistics Coordinator (Greece): Natasha Fydanaki
In-Field Translator: Sheimaa
In-Field Translator: Karam
In-Field Volunteer Coordinator: Molly Kraft
Maternal Health Coordinator: Luisa Firth
IYCF Coordinator: Currently Recruiting
Logistics Specialist: Stefanos Sidiropoulos

Iraq Response Program
Iraq Project Manager: Laura Kent-Davidson
Operational Coordinator (Dohuk): Haliz Osman
In-Field Clinical Coordinator (Dohuk): Jane Drichta
In-Country Translator: Rona Adwar Jabaly

Peer Support Programs
Director of Peer Support: Michelle Pensa Branco
Mobile App Development Manager: Tereza Kaplanova
Peer to Peer Mobile Support Coordinator: Kellie Ramirez

Volunteer Operations
Director of Volunteer Operations: Leah Canty
Pre Approval Volunteer Coordinator: Amber Christis
Post Approval Volunteer Coordinator: Catherine Frysol
Field Transition Coordinator: Katie Alvarez
Post Departure Volunteer Coordinator: Mariah Grant
Manager Alumni Relations: Sally Beaumont

Internal Operations

Finance and Resource Development
Director of Finance and Resource Development: Meghan Cutherell
Resource Development Coordinator: Currently Recruiting
Resource Development Officer: Kate Moran
Partnerships Officer: Currently Recruiting
Technical Researcher: Clare Hedlund
Grant Writer: Currently Recruiting
Accounting Officer: Heather Vernon

Media and Marketing
Director of Media and Marketing: Susan Greenbank
Social Media Manager: Keleigh Kennaway
Social Media Team: Mia Barlow
Social Media Team - Twitter: Brittany VanMaele
Newsletter Editor: Hannah Unwin
Website Manager: Will Robinson
Blog Writer: Vacant

People Operations
Director of People Operations: Laura Fisher
Office Manager: Kristy Basler
Community Outreach Manager: Sagal Shirdon
Human Resources Manager: Elissa Turrini
Human Resources Officer: Ronda Martin-Chowdari
Training Coordinator: Hazel Salt

Governance, Risk and Compliance
Director of Governance, Risk and Compliance: Vacant
Compliance Officer: Vacant
Security and Risk Officer: Currently Recruiting

Monitoring and Evaluation
Monitoring and Evaluation Manager: Jamie Clearfield
Monitoring and Evaluation Officer: Juliana Hess