Help us return hope to the families of Mosul.


Though the news headlines have slowed, for the children of Mosul, this is the height of the crisis and the time to act is now. We need your help.

Mosul, Iraq- CEO Brooke Bauer has been on the ground as a lead for formula control and distribution in Mosul for the last several months. NPI is working with the UN, the Iraqi government, local hospitals and other NGOs to train health care workers and ensure the safe and consistent distribution of breastmilk substitutes in Mosul and the surrounding areas.

There is no question that there is a significant need for both breastmilk substitutes and intensive nutrition support in Mosul. Lone babies and young children, whether orphaned in the fighting or abandoned, are a significant proportion of the children we see. Many children coming out of the liberated areas are suffering from severe malnutrition, having sometimes subsisted with their parents on nothing but cardboard to eat for weeks.

Ensuring that infants and young children in emergencies receive the highest quality of care and standard of nutrition to maximize their health and potential is NPI’s purpose. This is not a choice between having no breastmilk substitutes at all and promoting the untargeted blanket distribution of infant formula to families in crisis. There is no choice here: careful expert assessment that centers the well-being of children and the dignity of their families is the only way forward.

NPI has the expertise, technical staff and operational capacity to deliver IYCF-E support in Mosul – we are unique in Northern Iraq and our partners value our leadership and expertise. It is critical work that costly and intensive, requiring resources that a grassroots organization such as ours cannot generate alone: our donors are essential to our survival as an organization.

Please donate generously today to our Mosul response appeal and help us return hope to the families of Mosul.