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Nurture Project International is supported by a large team of passionate volunteers who contribute to the organisation in many ways to ensure it can achieve its mission to provide every woman with a safe and supported motherhood. With over 35 team members, the virtual team is growing. Like in any organisation, we have people in roles from Social Media to Accounting, from Resource Development to Human Resources, from Security Management to Administration.

The unique thing about Nurture Project International is its commitment to flexibility in working practices. All staff members work virtually, connecting with each other through a “virtual office” and a number of different technology platforms to carry out the work. Utilising chat apps, video conferencing, project management software, training platforms and more, we all stay connected and working together across the globe and across many time zones. You could say that NPI doesn’t sleep!

If you want to be a part of achieving our mission, volunteer with our virtual team. We need all types of people with all types of skills. Positions will be advertised below but if there is not a role that matches your skills, and you want to be involved, please contact us because we might just be able to find the perfect position for you. 


Laura Kent-Davidson

I volunteer with NPI because I am passionate about refugee health and supporting efforts to reduce infant morbidity and mortality around the world. My privilege and freedom are really what drive me to want to make an impact, even if it is small. I work virtually managing projects for NPI in Iraq and I love the fact that my efforts have an impact on the ground there even while I'm sitting at home thousands of miles away! The team at NPI is spread far and wide and while many of us have never met in personal, our common goal connects us which is such a beautiful thing to experience!


Mia Barlow

I volunteer with NPI because I was looking to find an organisation that combined my passions of Global Health, women’s rights and refugees. When I heard about the amazing work NPI does to support maternal and child health, I wanted to do anything I could do be involved! Virtual volunteering as part of the social media team has been a great experience: not only because I can volunteer from wherever I am but because the work is completely flexible and fits around my life in the UK. The support from the rest of the team is fantastic and I really feel like I am contributing to the incredible work NPI does and that I am part of the Global NPI family!

Current Vacancies

Resource Development Coordinator

Nurture Project International (NPI) is seeking to appoint a Resource Development Coordinator to join their team. Reporting to the Director of Finance & Resource Development, the person will be responsible for coordinating the activities of the Resource Development Team.

Partnerships Officer

Reporting to the Director of Finance & Resource Development, this role requires you to work with other Resource Development staff to craft appeals and materials for current and potential partners. This position also involves managing NPI’s programs geared toward partners, assisting with the development of a strategic vision for how to grow NPI’s technical and fundraising partnership and to with logistical arrangements for partner-sponsored events (such as conferences, dinners, etc.)

Grant Writer (2 Positions)

NPI is creating a Grant Response team (2-3 members) to assist the organization in responding to funding opportunities for its programs in Greece and Iraq. As a member of the Grant Response team, the volunteer will receive requests from the NPI Resource Development Director with notification of discrete grant opportunities

Security and Risk Manager

Nurture Project International is seeking a Security & Risk Manager to serve as the primary focal point for safety and security for all global projects.

Didn't find a role that matches your skill set? 

Our organisation is still growing rapidly and we might need you in the near future! Please fill out your information below so we can keep your details on file and get in touch when a job that matches your interest and skills comes up.

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