Translator Volunteer

Description: Translators/Interpreters work directly in the field to interpret communications between Lactation Consultants or Breastfeeding Counselors, Midwives, Coordinators, other volunteers and the population of concern, in the various sites NPI is operating in (camps, hotels, flats, apartments, clinics, hospitals etc.). Download Full Job Description

Duration: Minimum 2 weeks.

In-Country Volunteer Coordinator

Description: The In-Country Volunteer Coordinator will handle matters related to volunteers who are coming into the field (from pre-deployment to departure from the field). Together with the IYCF Coordinator and the Maternal Health Coordinator, the In-Country Volunteer Coordinator will oversee and manage volunteers. Download Full Job Description

Duration: Minimum 6 weeks.

M&E and Support Coordinator

Description: The M&E and Support Coordinator will be responsible for ensuring implementation of Nurture Project International’s mobile unit activities in hotels/flats and also camps, should the program extend back to camp sites. Download Full Job Description

Duration: Minimum 6 weeks.

Thessaloniki, Greece Area Manager

Description: The Thessaloniki Area Manager will head the in-field team that provide front-line services and support. The role is essential in providing direction and leadership for the Thessaloniki, Greece area program, ensuring activities are consistent with NPI’s mandate, are implemented in a timely, efficient manner, and adhere to NPI’s quality guidelines. Download Full Job Description

Duration: Minimum 6 weeks, 3 months preferred.