You Cannot Live in a Little Bubble

You cannot live in a little bubble. Soon it will be one month since I returned from Greece. I was volunteering in two refugee camps. I still find it hard to convince myself that my modest work had any impact… I don’t know. A post by Blanca, Volunteer.

One sees that disaster and suddenly knows nothing. Many emotions: anger, sadness, powerlessness. And also little moments filled with joy, fortunately. The head and the heart get into a mess in situations like these. The most horrible and the most beautiful faces of humanity together in abandoned industrial buildings where thousands of people wait in despair. Very bitter. And upon the return home: frustration, that’s what prevails.

Writing on the wall at Sindos Karamanlis

Writing on the wall at Sindos Karamanlis

And how do we resolve this? It’s complex, that’s obvious. It’s also that this complexity serves as a cheap excuse to sit back and do nothing. At least let’s try!… But there’s a lack of will. And I, just one more in this crazy world, I don’t know how we can make the ones who pull the strings willing.

What I do know is that we can do little things. And I know what you’re thinking: “go volunteer, make a donation“… All this is great, do it if you are willing and able. But there are always actions that are not within everyone’s reach. This is understood; it’s okay if you can’t participate in this way.

There is something that we all can do, and it is our moral duty: be aware of the problem. Learn about what is happening on the borders, share the pain of all these people forced to put their lives on “stand-by,” care about them. It hurts, but you have to do it. You have to do it because it is more important than you think. You have to do it because when you go to vote you can give them a voice (they, right now, are voiceless). You have to do it because when they day comes that they are finally able to enter, we will all be much happier if you receive them with open arms. You will be a better person, and they will be able to return to living life as people. That’s how powerful humans can be, believe it and we will already have taken the first step.

Let’s go! Out with indifference, inform yourself of what’s happening, try to make the world a little bit more just. At the very least, think about them.

You cannot live in a little bubble.