Success Story from the Feeding Tent

Today we have awesome news from the NPI breastfeeding tent. A mother came in with her 14-day old son for his weekly weigh-in, and in the past 7 days the newborn gained 400 grams (over 14 ounces)! A post by Meredith, Volunteer.

Our lactation consultant Stephanie had to weigh him twice to make sure she wasn’t misreading the scale.

If you’ve been following our blog, you may recall that last week this mother came to the NPI tent to nurse her son when he was 6 days old. It was a special event, not only because of the child’s young age, but also because the newborn had spent a day alone in the hospital due to legal complications.

We are so proud of the family and so happy for the health of their newborn. When the child first returned from the hospital, his father was very apprehensive about the child’s weight and wanted infant formula for the child. Due to the sanitation concerns and lack of proper resources to facilitate formula feeding, NPI strongly discourages infant formula feeding unless there is no other alternative. Thanks to our rock-star lactation consultants, midwife, and translators, NPI was able to help the family achieve such a considerable weight-gain for their firstborn son.

Being a first-time mother can be scary. Being a first-time mother, in a refugee camp, thousands of miles away from your home and family, can be terrifying. NPI provided this mother pre-natal support and continues to ensure the health of her and her family by offering breastfeeding support, baby check-ups, a safe, and a private space for her to breastfeed. And almost equal in importance, as a by-product of this support, our NPI team creates bonds of trust and confidence that unite us with the families we serve.

Get involved! You can help us make a difference in lives of mothers and children in crisis today.