Leading The Way With Education

Nurture Project International has entered into a collaborative partnership with digital HR leaders Future Knowledge and eLearning experts Pure Learning. 

Future Knowledge and Pure Learning are supporting Nurture Project International (NPI) by contributing expertise in training needs analysis and resource development.

They are identifying the training needs of NPI as an organisation, and developing a Training Strategy that can be used to set educational priorities and seek funding from learning partners.

Future Knowledge has put NPI in contact with Learning at Work, who are providing a Learning Management System (LMS) and ongoing support free of charge.  This LMS will initially be used by volunteers to make the process of reading and acknowledging critical documentation (e.g. policies, guidelines, procedures) faster and easier.

Pure Learning is developing a suite of orientation resources for volunteers. The first resource will be for anyone considering volunteering.  It will give them the opportunity to explore a virtual camp and speak with refugees and volunteers to learn more about what volunteering is like. The second resource is for volunteers who are about to travel in-field.  It will use challenging practical scenarios to provide guidance on the behaviours that are important to display while volunteering. The third resource will be a short animated video for those returning from in-field volunteering on how they can remain connected with NPI on an ongoing basis.

What is particularly innovative about the approach to this work is that it is a very collaborative process.  NPI has been willing to take recommendations from Future Knowledge and Pure Learning on what aspects of training are critical to focus on first.  We are now meeting regularly and communicating through Slack to identify the most effective way of developing the resources.  This is particularly important given the challenges of liaising with subject matter experts all over the world - some of who do not speak a shared language.