Donations: Physical vs. Financial

Why does NPI ask for financial donations rather than physical donations?

Nurture Project International thrives thanks to the generous financial support of our donors.  We use this support to buy breastmilk substitutes for babies who require it,  food for our complementary food packs, and medical supplies for our midwifery services, just to name a few.  Often our generous donors want to send physical donations as well. Unfortunately, in general NPI doesn’t have the ability to accept these kinds of donations for a few reasons.

Financial donations are preferred because the money that is donated goes into supporting the local economy where NPI works and gives back to our host country.  It also ensures that we are sourcing exactly what the families in the camps need as the needs change rapidly.  And, as NPI is comprised of a small team, it is very difficult for us to organize the logistics of receiving physical donations.  Picking up the donations, taking them to the warehouse, managing distribution through the appropriate channels all requires human resources that NPI just doesn’t have currently.

It is also far more cost effective to donate money over supplies, which is what we wanted to take some time out today to speak about.

Former volunteer Amber Ziring provided Nurture Project International with an organizational overview as a component of the master’s degree that she is completing. In her overview she included a wonderful insight to the benefit of financial donations over physical donations.  She provided NPI with this very handy chart outlining a side by side comparison on financial vs. physical donations using Ready to Use Infant Formula, the type of breastmilk substitute that NPI uses in our operations. An example of $200 can be used to demonstrate the following:


This shows that a small amount of each donation does not go directly to refugees and instead you can see that the same amount of money donated in the form of a financial gift results in a 34% increase in spending power and more services being provided directly to the refugees.

This outlines why NPI prefers to accept financial donations rather than organize physical donations.

Thank you, Amber for the overview.  It is so helpful in explaining why we ask for donations in the way that we do.