Day 1

Today was just my first day working with Nurture Project International, and I am already in awe of the welcoming nature and appreciation from the people we serve. A post by Meredith, Volunteer.

When we first arrived at the Sindos camp we were greeted by Amal, a 2 1/2 year old ball of sunshine who ran over to give us hugs and kisses. As we set up the Baby Hammam, or bathing station, a 10 year old boy named Ahmed insisted on helping us carry our supplies. Women entering the Baby Hammam met us with kisses and were curious to know our names and all about us, even when there were language barriers.

Since I have no medical background or breastfeeding experience, I knew beforehand I would likely work in the Baby Hammams. After today I realize that I severely underestimated the impact of something as simple as a bath. The weather is currently mid-90s Fahrenheit/ about 35 Celsius and humid. No Air Conditioning and the mosquitos aren’t shy. These camps have limited electricity, no potable water, and the facilities only offer portable toilets without running water. Baby baths are probably one of the happiest moments of these mothers’ days.

The Baby Hammams are a simple concept that make a big difference, but the cost of diapers, wipes, paper towels, disinfectants, and water adds up quickly. Monetary donations, however, also add up quickly and can help us prevent one less worry for mothers under unimaginable stress.

It’s only been day one, and I’ve already witnessed so many smiles and so much joy come from the work we do.