Brooke’s Walk for Refugees

Nurture Project International founder and CEO Brooke Bauer will be participating in the Big Walk Kefalonia in honor of the mothers and their children who have fled war and terror.

brooke and baby

In 2015 when Brooke was pregnant with her fourth child. She watched the crisis in Syria and the journey of the refugees on the news from the comfort of her living room. When her daughter was born in she laid in her warm bed attended to by qualified medical professionals and lactation consultants. She thought of the many pregnant mothers having to give birth in transit, in unsafe conditions, without skilled help. She knew that as a lactation consultant and public health professional she must do something and so she founded Nurture Project International.

NPI supports mothers and babies through pregnancy, childbirth, and the first two years of life. Brooke have joined the Big Walk Kefalonia to raise awareness of the refugee journey.

Most importantly, each day she will highlight the story and message of refugee mothers that NPI supports and share it on the blog.

Please visit her page for the Big Walk here:
All money raised will be going directly to the projects to prepare for winter in the camps.

Please make sure to follow her journey and share it widely. Thanks!