our work in Bangladesh

Nurture Project International (NPI) has been working in providing IYCF-E, reproductive healthcare, and nutrition services in Greece and Iraq since 2016. NPI is extending its response to include activities in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh. NPI proposes to provide young children and their families within refugee communities access to nutrition support, information, services and resources for optimal infant and child nutrition practices as well as capacity building for other actors and local healthcare providers.


Nurture Project International (NPI) is currently recruitimg for = an emergency six-month support programme by providing Infant and Young Child Feeding (IYCFE), Community Management of Actute Infant Malnutrition (CMAMI), and technical lactation training programs to one camp based maternal and child health facility, along with outreach services. The healthcare personnel shall focus on supporting existing health facilities by providing technical IYCFE and CMAMI support to reach the Rohingya community residing in Cox’s Bazar district of Bangladesh.

During the program implementation period it is expected that a mass emergency response will be required once the rainy season starts and cyclones hit the area.  In this instance NPI trained local staff members will work in coordination with mobile health teams to provide emergency nutrition support to all breastfeeding children as well as non-breastfed children aged 0 to 23 months.