Lactation Support Training


Can you imagine the challenge of mothering in a region ravaged by war and terror? Thousands of mothers and infants have fled to the Kurdistan Region of northern Iraq due to conflict in Mosul and other areas.

Eastern Mosul. Many mothers and infants are forced to live in terrible conditions such as these as a result
of the battle for Mosul. Thousands more have fled the city to displaced person camps in northern Iraq.

Read how conflict is affecting mothers and babies in Eastern Mosul in our CEO Brooke Bauer’s blog.

In camps for refugees and internally displaced persons outside of Dohuk, northern Iraq, we collaborate with local health workers, traditional birth attendants and community members and equip them with the skills necessary to support safe infant feeding.

Three members of the NPI team in Domiz camp, Northern Iraq.
We are focused on capacity building through lactation support training and peer to peer support training. Our team, made up of local staff and international volunteers, works closely with the Department of Health and other service providing organizations in the region who provide care to pregnant and lactating women.

This ensures we are making a coordinated effort while meeting the needs of the communities we serve.

Khanke camp in the Kurdistan Region. Thousands of displaced persons live in the refugee camps of
Northern Iraq, including many mothers and infants.

You can support our work in Iraq to give vulnerable mothers and babies access to skilled lactation and infant feeding support.

Your donation will help us provide items such as:

  • Essential lactation support training for local health workers, traditional birth attendants and community members
  • Training materials
  • Supplies for our safe mother/baby space
  • A resource library for health workers and community members

There are thousands more mothers who need our support, both in camps and in newly liberated areas. They also need our support in besieged areas where help through texts, phone calls and the internet can provide the reassurance that mothers need to trust themselves and to trust their bodies.

We can’t do this life saving work without your support. Please consider becoming a donor today.

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