Infant Feeding Support

Amid the scramble to provide adequate shelter and care in emergency situations, the outline is emerging of an effective and low-cost intervention: providing a safe place where mothers can rest, eat and receive good
advice about breastfeeding and nutrition.

In the past, mothers may have received some breastfeeding support at health centres, feeding centres or hospitals, but care for their healthy children often got lost in services for those who were severely ill or malnourished but there is a need for another level of care, specifically for mothers and their infants, separate from the sick children. This involves rest and food, education and support in a safe environment. Mothers who receive such care are better able to care for their babies.

Nurture Project International provides qualified, skilled volunteers who support mothers by building mother and baby tents where mothers can rest, eat, warm-up, and feed their babies in a safe, welcoming, and peaceful environment. In these tents NPI also distributes backpacks with basic necessities like snacks, water, warm clothing, hygiene kits, toys, and diapers to bring comfort to families who have left everything behind.