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Nurture Project International is run by a small group of people from around the globe who are dedicated to health and human rights.

Meet our in-field Teams
13235170_1554564581505065_4546894748260657265_o Teaching a class in Chios, Greece
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The women who volunteer for NPI are an amazing and inspirational group of women who don't run from change; they run toward it. They carry all the power they need inside themselves already: they have the power to imagine better.

They are midwives, breastfeeding consultants, IBCLCs, nutritionists, translators, and lay volunteers.  They come from all cultures and all corners of the globe.

To the dream team, to all the amazing women that have come from all over to stand up for our fellow woman.  To hold a sacred space for our sisters.

A cheers to our global NPI sisterhood.

Meet our Core Team

Our core team is comprised of a group of dedicated volunteers who work around the clock to support our teams on the ground, engage supporters, develop the organisation, fundraise, and create projects that will allow NPI to provide the most support possible.  All of our core team is unpaid, all have young children at home, and most work a second job in addition to their work at NPI.  

Without this team of women NPI would not exist and the critical care that the in-field teams provide would not be possible. They are the core of the entire organisation who give their heart and soul to making the world a better place.


Brooke Bauer, MPH

Founder and CEO

Brooke’s passion for social justice and human rights began at a young age when she would accompany her mother to work as she advocated for the needs of elderly residents in the community. Early in her career Brooke began working in homeless shelters on the West Coast of the US. While working as a counsellor in a shelter in downtown Seattle she met a public health nurse who taught her about poverty related illness. After witnessing first hand the health disparities brought on by poverty, race, and social class, Brooke’s focus quickly turned to health and human rights, minority rights, and communicable disease prevention.

Brooke has worked as both a Wilderness and Urban Emergency Medical Technician in California, Alaska, New Hampshire, and Montana prior to obtaining her Masters in International Public Health in Leeds, UK. For the last ten years she has lived overseas and has worked on public health projects globally including health campaigns in Bolivia, maternal health advocacy in the Middle East, mental health projects in the UK, and HIV counselling and testing and maternal heath projects in Kenya.

Brooke is a certified La Leche League leader, the International Coordinator for the International Cesarean Awareness Network, a trained AMANI childbirth educator, the founder of the Marshall Islands Adoption Ethics, Transparency, and Support network, and an unschooling mama to four very funny little people aged five and under.

Nurture Project International is a beautiful blend of her enthusiasm for volunteering, passion for human rights, expertise in international health, and drive for women’s rights and gender equality.


Leah Navarro

Executive Administrator

Bio Coming Soon


Sally Beaumont

Volunteer Director

I have a long history in human rights and environmental advocacy within Australia and South East Asia. My work experience, passions and volunteer opportunities lead me to study a Bachelor of International Community Development and live in Phnom Penh, Cambodia for over two years.

I have had extensive experience employed within the community development sector as a volunteer coordinator both in Australia and overseas. This has involved both working with large international volunteer intakes and smaller, more specifically outsourced volunteers in Melbourne.

In addition to my work as volunteer coordinator I was also a human rights research officer employed with an organisation that works with the marginalised drug user communities of the Cambodian capital, Phnom Penh. During this time, I was conducting independent research with drug users and sex workers constructing a study into their personal stories and documentation of their lived experiences. The results of this research can be read here:


Currently in Australia, I work with recently arrived migrants, refugees and asylum seekers, assisting them with certified training which qualifies them for Family Day Care, Child Care and Aged Care work within their own communities.

Finally, I am a new mother. And with this comes the greatest passion and dedication of all. Its with this in mind that I continue to be focused on and involved with organisations and individuals who are fighting for a better world.

kellie pic

Kellie Ramirez

Mobile Peer Support Project Manager

I first became interested about working with people from other cultures and countries when I was a teenager when I mentored and acted as a welcoming committee to immigrant and refugee students new to my high school. After having studied abroad in India for a year at age 16 I knew a bit of how these newcomers must have felt trying to navigate a new life in a different language and culture. I received my BA in International Studies and an MA in Human Rights with a special certificate in Humanitarian Assistance in Denver, CO where I currently reside. I have been working with non-profits for over ten years, mostly within various ESL (English as a Second Language) programs. My other work and volunteer experience include creating programming for women’s care groups for several groups of refugee women, assisting in various immigration, asylum and citizenship cases and helping new refugee families acclimate to the U.S.

I have three wild and wonderful children and in becoming a mother and encountering some of the challenges this journey entails I have become interested in working with other mothers who may be experiencing similar challenges but with an added layer of language and cultural barriers. I’m excited to further this passion by being a part of Nurture Project International and its efforts to offer assistance to mothers and families in the midst of humanitarian crises.


Helen Schicketanz

Research and Communication

Although I did not move from the time I was 3 until I was 18 years old, since then I’ve moved at least 20 times. I’ve been lucky to be able to travel and live in several European countries and study their cultures and languages. I earned a Ph.D. in English from Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, LA (USA) and have spent most of my career in the classroom teaching writing and literature to university and secondary school students.

In 2012, my husband, my (then) six-year-old son and I bought a sailboat and relocated to Lagos, Portugal, where my son learned Portuguese (my husband and I tried, but failed). The past four years have been a process of reinventing myself as I move away from the profession I’ve been in for nearly 20 years. I hope to be able to bring the skills I’ve honed in my academic career to this new opportunity.

More information coming soon.

Now Recruiting
We are currently recruiting for core team members, virtual volunteers, and in-field volunteers and coordinators. If you want to join our teams in Greece please email Volunteer@NurtureProjectInternational.org for more information.