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Brooke’s blog – Eastern Mosul

Nurture Project International’s CEO Brooke Bauer tells of when she and NPI’s Iraq team entered liberated eastern Mosul to respond to a request for pregnancy and lactation support. Photo: An example of the terrifying living conditions being experienced by mothers and babies in eastern Mosul. Nurture Project International is dedicated to reaching the most vulnerable […]

Statement on Aleppo

View our official release here: alepporelease “Nurture Project International stands for the rights all all people and we are alarmed by the recent reports from Aleppo regarding the targeted attacks on civilians.  We are deeply concerned for the families unable to flee to safety.   “We stand with all other organisations calling for peace on all […]

Lisa’s Blog – They Need You

It really hasn’t taken much. Just the will to make it happen, and the inspiration – by Lisa Sykes It has kind of all happened in a whirlwind….although I always knew I would do something to help refugees somewhere in Europe, I just wasn’t sure what. But I knew an opportunity would present itself at the right […]

Donations: Physical vs. Financial

  Why does NPI ask for financial donations rather than physical donations?   Nurture Project International thrives thanks to the generous financial support of our donors.  We use this support to buy breastmilk substitutes for babies who require it,  food for our complementary food packs, and medical supplies for our midwifery services, just to name […]

Our temporary set-up for mother and baby assessments. NPI's "breastfeeding tent" will move to the women's area of Elpída.

Meredith’s Volunteer Journal: NPI’s Expansion to the Elpída Home for Refugees

Yesterday I joined our midwife, Cecilia, and our translator, Selsabel, as NPI opened operations at the Elpída Home for Refugees. When we first entered, I was blown away by the facility. Unlike Sindos and Kalochori where each family occupies a tent, at Elpída each family has its own room within the building. The space is […]

Mothers participated in #EveryMothersHope sharing their wishes for the future.

Meredith’s Volunteer Journal: NPI Celebrates The Big Latch On

This past Friday NPI celebrated World Breastfeeding Week by taking part in “The Big Latch On,” a global event to encourage breastfeeding and provide peer support. We participated in Dublin, Abu Dhabi, and in the NPI breastfeeding tents of Kalochori SK Market and Sindos Karamanlis refugee camps in Thessaloniki, Greece. In our Thessaloniki locations we […]

Milk in Chios

This article discusses the risks of well meaning formula donations.  Please read until the end to see what you can do to help that doesn’t include donating formula. Milk in Chios: An outline for a complex situation By Brooke Bauer, MPH The situation on Chios have been at the forefront of everyone’s mind and has […]

Chios Situation Update

Photos and messages are circulating on social media regarding a lack of baby milk available at Vial detention center in Chios, Greece. With the exception of select medical staff, NPI is currently the sole supporter of safe infant feeding in refugee transit camps Chios. We have been present in Chios since March 2016. Our team […]

NPI In the News

We love our IBCLCs! Our director Brooke was interviewed for Lactation Matters, a blog by the International Lactation Consultant Association. “It is important to make sure that you are properly informed before you send people into the field, doing a comprehensive assessment is imperative,” says Bauer, determined to avoid duplication of efforts. She focuses on […]

Why are we needed?

Because this. Lior Sperandeo, an amazing film maker, made this amazing video. He has just won a National Geographic award for it. He is just brilliant. Find it here: http://liorsperandeo.com and go there to watch his other videos from his People Of. People of Nowhere from Lior Sperandeo on Vimeo. Lior Sperandeo made this amazing […]

Breastfeeding Baby Bags

Do you want to help but aren’t able to contribute financially at this time? We welcome physical donations as well. We are always in need of more mother and baby packs.  You can see what we include in our packs here.  If you are interested in gathering donations to help stock our tents we would […]

UK based supporters

We were asked by quite a few of our UK and Ireland based supporters to add a UK based funding option. Thank you all for your feedback and support. You can now visit our Crowdfunder.co.uk site. All of the same thank you gifts apply no matter what country you donate from. Thank you for your […]

Urgent call to action

URGENT CALL TO ACTION We have been requested to send a team to Chios,  Greece immediately.  We have a midwife and Lactation Consultant arriving tonight to help with infant feeding. Until now the community has been stepping up and doing the best they can bit they need technical support.  We need your help. We need […]

Call for Virtual Volunteers

We need you! Do you want to join our growing virtual volunteer database? We need volunteers for fundraising, website development, accounting, newsletters, and more. Our volunteers thrive in a supportive, fun, and professional environment. Become a Nurture Project International volunteer to help people living in crisis around the world. Email Brooke@nurtureprojectinternational.org for more information.


Thank you for your patience as we build our website.  If you would like more information about volunteering with us or would like to know how you can join our advisory board please don’t hesitate to contact us at Brooke@nurtureprojectinternational.org. Volunteering with Nurture Project International could allow you to use your valuable skills to make […]