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I have recently come back from one week in Kalachori and Sindos camps in
Northern Greece, working directly with NPI in the field. My lack of relevant
skills (apart from having had children of my own) didn’t matter; I was
welcomed with open arms, both by the project organisers and by the women and
families I met in the field. In some small sense, I feel I have contributed
to improving their lot, and smoothing their paths – and I have returned
feeling galvanised and ready to continue the effort in a more sustainable,
long-term way.

As winter fast approaches, the temperatures are dropping dramatically, and
things are only going to get harder. I have now met these women and children
– I have been invited into their tents and treated like royalty; they have
honoured me by sharing not just their food with me, but also their memories
of happier times. I have seen them laugh and cry and struggle against the
same challenges that all families face the world over – and yet I know that
their struggle is so much harder to bear. This is only the beginning for

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