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Eko has 2000-3000 people in it, and hundreds and hundreds of mothers with babies and young children. The conditions are dreadful and many mothers are fully or partially bottle feeding. The large majority of refugee mothers giving birth are being given cesarean sections and nearly all are advised to formula feed for the first few days after birth. The only group providing support for infant feeding in this camp Nurture Project International.

One mother in particular that NPI is supporting had given birth to her baby in no man’s land between Syria and Turkey. She and her husband and 6 children only just made it to Greece as the boat they were on sunk just as they approached land. When NPI volunteers met them, the little baby was 1 month old and weighed only 2.5 kg. He was “feeding 20x a day” and “very sleepy.” Our volunteers saw that he wasn’t strong enough to feed very well and they could see that he had lost weight or not grown. He also had a chest infection.

This is one of many cases that NPI teams are dealing with. These babies require specific medical care, specific technical assistance, and specific medical equipment.

We are doing a $25 donation drive. That’s all we are asking for from you, $25. Just $25 will help to provide support, equipment, and medical assistance to our special cases. These are the babies that need it the most. The ones that won’t make it without your help. Right now Norovirus is rampant at EKO camp. Just one day of diarrhea for some our special cases could be fatal.

You $25 will go directly to help babies like the one mentioned above. Please donate today.

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