Lisa’s Blog – They Need You


It really hasn’t taken much. Just the will to make it happen, and the inspiration – by Lisa Sykes It has kind of all happened in a whirlwind….although I always knew I would do something to help refugees somewhere in Europe, I just wasn’t sure what. But I knew an opportunity would present itself at the right […]

Amber’s Post – Why I Went to the Camps


I could do something useful for the families weighing heavily on my heart – by Amber Ziring I came to Greece because of Aylan Kurdi. His name might not be one you immediately know, but his picture, the one of him laying face down in the sand as if napping only to never wake up, is […]

Donations: Physical vs. Financial


  Why does NPI ask for financial donations rather than physical donations?   Nurture Project International thrives thanks to the generous financial support of our donors.  We use this support to buy breastmilk substitutes for babies who require it,  food for our complementary food packs, and medical supplies for our midwifery services, just to name […]

Milk in Chios


This article discusses the risks of well meaning formula donations.  Please read until the end to see what you can do to help that doesn’t include donating formula. Milk in Chios: An outline for a complex situation By Brooke Bauer, MPH The situation on Chios have been at the forefront of everyone’s mind and has […]

Chios Situation Update


Photos and messages are circulating on social media regarding a lack of baby milk available at Vial detention center in Chios, Greece. With the exception of select medical staff, NPI is currently the sole supporter of safe infant feeding in refugee transit camps Chios. We have been present in Chios since March 2016. Our team […]