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People from all over the world are gathering together to raise much needed funds for refugee mothers and their babies. Nurture Project International loves the compassion, sense of community, support, and messages of hope that comes from each fundraising initiative that our supporters develop. It is really amazing and really humbling.

Nurture Project International (NPI) is a volunteer, nonprofit organization that relies solely on the support of kind individuals such as yourselves. Fundraising is crucial and enables us to meet the needs of refugee mothers and their babies. Thank you for your interest in working with NPI.

We are truly humbled by the outpouring of support from our generous donors. People from all over the world are gathering together to support the work of NPI. Due to this success, our warehouses are currently full with physical donations. We kindly request you to not send any more physical donations. The primary way you can help us by raising funds. Funds enables us to be flexible and purchase what we need locally in Greece at the time we need it. If you are interested in fundraising or donating please contact our fundraising team at

Here are the steps to fundraising for NPI:

1. Fill out the fundraising application below.
2. Our fundraising manager will contact you and send you information to help you get started.
3. If your idea for fundraising has been approved, either your fundraising page and/or event will be posted on our events page.
4. Don’t forget to have fun knowing you are making a difference.

Interested in fundraising for Greece housing costs?

Volunteers traveling to Greece are responsible for funding their own housing costs. We can help you fundraise by setting up a fundraising page to cover your housing costs. If you are interested send an email to

How our volunteers are fundraising for us

We are blessed to have dedicated and inspiring volunteers helping us fundraise. Take a look at how our volunteers are fundraising, click here.

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